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  • Do you travel for Catering and Events?
    Yes I do both within the United States and outside the country, such request must be booked at least 4-6 months in advance.
  • What's your favorite dish to cook/ what's your favorite cuisine?
    Cuisine Collision is a fusion cuisine company, creating dishes infused with flavors from around the world, but Chef Mariio Loves Asian Fusion with Caribbean.
  • Do you offer packages for catering and Decor Setup?
    Yes we do, every package is customizable based on consumers needs. Standard Packages and prices available on site.
  • Can I wear my custom chef coat in the kitchen?
    while we highly recommend choosing one of our everyday chef coats from our cuisine collision collection. If you desire a more custom look the “ Chef’s Choice” Package is both functional and stylish, while we recommend that our custom chef coats be for show, if you choose to cook in them then the “Chef’s Choice” is your best option.
  • Do you ship outside the USA?
    We currently don’t have a fixed shipping rate for outside the USA but we will explore all possible options as we aim to please our customers. Shipping rates will vary depending on location.
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